What I do

Data visualisation
If you analyse data, you need to communicate as well as calculate. I make data visualisations ready for publication, and interactive graphics and maps ready for the web.

The way statistics is taught is changing. I teach with the modern approach to an introductory course, bringing data science, machine learning and statistics together and emphasising computing, simulation and problem-solving with real data.

Health research
I have worked for 20 years on observational studies, clinical trials, mixed-methods research, clinical audit, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, scale validation and service evaluation. Now, I consult on design, analysis and communication of studies like these.

My interactive CV, linking related projects together.

This website sets out my approach to animated charts with examples and code for R and Stata. I prefer to code from basics and retain full control, rather than take an easier approach and choose from software presets.

Writing and communicating
All that number-crunching is worthless if the message doesn't get across. I have twenty years of experience writing for audiences from technical experts to the general public, and from tweets to books. I can take analytic results and help turn them into a package that informs and achieves impact.

Bayesian modeling
Bayesian methods give us intuitive measures for complex statistical problems. Latent variable models were a focus of my time in academia. New software (I am one of the developers of Stan) and parallel processing can provide answers in a fraction of the time.

Machine learning
There has never been a more exciting time to work in data science. My background is statistics (first degree mathematics) but I find maching learning techniques fascinating and have applied cutting-edge algorithms like deep learning and random forests. I help experts in their own fields to navigate the many options, avoid being ripped off, and interpret results carefully.